Friday, April 29, 2005


thoughts from this week (pondering life's mysteries):

-whats the deal with english muffins...? when you buy them theyre not really cooked, but sort of....
-If you could live on this earth forever, would you want to?
-you're on a game show. Do you go with whats behind door #3, or take the only slightly exciting lifetime supply of lightbulbs thats guaranteed if you choose it?
-the devil uses our busy chaotic lives to distract us from quality time with God....but....aren't idle hands the "devil's workshop"?
-how is it possible to release a "Greatest Hits" album for a band, if they've only got two albums out anyway? It happens all the time (See Lit, All Star United, etc.)

speaking of mysteries, more publicity for the exploding frogs in Hamburg:


amy said...

I KNEW you wouldn't be able to resist the exploding frog story.

- English muffins are only toast them...just like bread
- I'm proud to say that I will not live on this earth forever...too much crap here. Heaven sounds sooo much cooler.
- always go door #3. Never miss an opportunity to step out in faith.
- no comment on the devil...I hate him
- Yeah, I am disturbed by Greatest hits albums for people who have barely made their mark. It's a ploy for more $$$. I also get annoyed when "Greatest Hits" albums include every great hit, except the song that happens to be your absolute fav...grrrrr

amy said...

oh...grossss...the frog story...yuck. I will never eat another frog leg in my life ;)

Doveseyes said...

You've actually eaten frog legs Amy???

amy said...

I don't know...I know my grandmother used to eat them all the time. She would try to get me to eat them too, but I don't remember if I ever did. If I did, I'm sure they tasted like chicken.