Wednesday, April 13, 2005

iWanna iPod

Okay, so now I officially want an iPod. The only thing is I can't play it in my car. I put iTunes on my computer, and just organizing all the songs is a task. They dont all have the right filenames, etc. So getting them into the right albums might take a few months itself. In order to see the songs on the iPod its worth getting that fixed, so I might just have some time to save up money for the most expensive of all the little listening devices.

This would be a big shift for me. It almost feels like switching completely from film to digital photography. You may have guessed I havent completely sold out on that yet. (although I did take a nice digital self portait while in the woods the other day. I could use that as my profile pic perhaps)

Band of the day: Copeland

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Deb =Þ said...

Hey brian - I was introduced to two new bands last night by an awesome friend, Don Lowe (who moved -- you two really should have met up before he went to san diego. But these things happen). Check out "Kula Shaker" and "Dream Theater"