Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Storm Part 2

Ethan liked to watch people outside shoveling. It was a little too slippery to take him out, though.

And since I am feeling generous, here is a little flashback for you, from July when Ethan was 4.5 months old.

Ice storm!

this started as light snow, but if you live around here you know how it ended up. We have about a half inch of ice on the ground atleast. it may melt later, but for now the street is a literal sheet of ice. A little chunk of ice came unlodged as I walked near the car, and in a very slow way it slid all the way down the friction at all out there. And of course, I almost slipped. okay, I did slip, and lost my flipflop. It wanted to keep going on the ice, but I caught it. I failed the slip test, so I'm not going to work today, good thing I brought my work computer home.

oh and guess what, people are driving out there. very slowly (and slipping). maybe, just maybe the main roads are okay, but those bridges and overpasses?

hmm, other than that, not really any new photos (besides a bunch of babies). I've been using my film camera, so gotta develop those first. I guess I could throw up an Ethan photo. He really enjoys hugging Santa, so Santa got to stay out past Christmas this year.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Is he your brother?", he's my son.

This is the question I was asked by a 3 year old at the library today.