Thursday, April 28, 2005


I found an interesting article about frogs unexplainably exploding in a pond in Germany....but I promised myself no more animal posts for a I'm stickin to my guns. Honestly, its a bit disgusting anyway.....

Today's fortune cookie wisdom: "Be direct, you'll accomplish more that way".
I honestly kept this one in my wallet for a good two years. I stuck it there back when I was quite a bit more shy, and I guess self-consious. It really helped me be more open to people, and more determined to be real. To be what I wanted to be. I had a great time meeting random people the summer I spent at school (try going up to somebody you dont know, have never seen before, and spend 30 minutes over lunch with them)....but I think an interesting point was that I got to a level where I almost went too far with my directness. I tend to "wear my heart on my sleeve" much of the time, very straight-forward, extremely blunt. I've learned that sometimes I need to be a bit more tactful, and always season my words with love....interesting to think about my progress in that way. Finding the balance is key.

band of the day: The Ramones


blue mcgoo said...

So you attribute the lifestyle changes to a fortune cookie message that you keep in your wallet?

Brian said...

yup, I sure do. I saw it all the time. there were other factors, but it was the big reminder.