Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Philadelphia Phillies
2008 World Series Champions!!!

It's the Great Pumpkin(s), Charlie Brown!!!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Beach Baby

The past 2 weeks have been full of "firsts" for Ethan. It was his first:
  • trip to the ocean
  • time eating cheerios
  • tooth (it's on the bottom)
  • cold (complete with cough, low grade fever & runny nose)
  • 3 hour nap
  • and his first crawl!
And here are some pictures from our first family vacation (Ocean City, MD). Enjoy!

We ate at a restaurant called the "Hobbit," the waiters were short men with hairy feet...jk ;-) It was actually a very nice restaurant with a great view.

Here Ethan is eating pears for the first time. He actually liked them quite a bit, after getting used to them.

Above is a picture of the sand piling up in the dune crossing when a huge low pressure system was churning up the coast (kind of like a mild tropical depression). We got 40 mph wind for about 2 days straight. It piled up 3-4 feet in the crossing, and also eroded much of the beach away. These rocks below were NOT there for our first days at the beach. The sand will return naturally though...that's the way the cycle works.

Nappy nap time!

PS...this is a collaborative post. Can you guess who made which captions? ;-)