Monday, November 28, 2005

giving thanks and stuff like that

I find it harder and harder to update this. now my updates also include my latest struggles with that, apparently. I think part of it is because I hesitate posting something that I have no pictures to go with...I'm a really visual person, and I know how cool accompanying photos are. So...I wait...until I have something with a photo. But....thats not always possible....I think its also hard when I dont really know if people are reading it, you know, the people that I would want to. The ones that I dont see every day so it would be cool if they wondered what I was up to and checked it out every now and then. So...motivation is hard to gather sometimes I guess. But, I will trod on. When I began I had no followers at all, so I'm surely better than I was at that point.

So, what am I most thankful for? certainly my job, my house, my food, etc. But, I really am most thankful for the people in my life, my family who gave me everything I needed to get to this point. all the other stuff I listed above can be traced back to them in some way. And of course Jenn. The two most important things in life are God and relationships. So.....I look at all the people, and I thank God for them. of course I thank God for lots of other thigns nature, colors, sound, seasons, and his salvation. So.....anything you are thankful for, that maybe you just recently figured out? Shoot me something new, something about your life RIGHT NOW that you are thankful for...that would be cool.

Did you have a good thanksgiving? We went around my family's table and all shared what we were thankful for, after eating lots of food, then we spent a lot of time with cousins, grandparents, and widescreen TVs with football on them. Here's what I love about my sister. Its about 9pm, and shes starting to get hungry. She wants more Turkey, more stuffing. So....she gets it. Stuffing is delivered to her shortly from the vast stash in the fridge. Relatives LOVE to feed you, of course. half an hour later shes moaning and rolling around in the car next to me complaining about how STUFFED she is. Stuffed........stuffing.....hmmm, I wonder if she made the connection....

Monday, November 14, 2005


So, heres what's been happening...let's see, last weekend I went sailing with a friend from school, Greg, on his boat down at Solomons. We were in a race, had a pretty good time but didnt finish in the top 3. Oh well, it was quite a day, very relaxing. I've always loved sailing.

This past weekend I've eaten Indian food, and then a random guy from Poland, Macek, came into town, and he's stayed at my place the last two nights. I hadn't met him before, but he needed a spot to crash, so it was cool. He's a very interesting guy. You could talk to him for hours....he's got a lot on his mind, that's for sure.

Oh, forgot that on my day off on friday I went to Ellicott city with Jenn, apparently the whole place is pretty much haunted (well, some of it), there are website and all about the places that are haunted. Here's the website. Its very quaint, lots of antique shops. We went to a Tea place, called Tea on the Tiber. The Tiber is a creek that flows down underneath half of the houses there, its pretty cool how they've built the houses over top of them, and I guess they did that more than 100 years ago when they built the city. Its been flooded pretty bad in the past though.


I have a feeling my reader numbers are dwindling since I havent been updating as much. I guess I left high expectations on myself back when I posted more often, but I dont know, I guess there hasnt been as much to tell you or something like that. nothing that you might not already know. I'll tell you in a few minutes about what I've been doing recently, but for the moment....just know that this website will always be here, dependable, and stuff like that. At the very least its got some cool links, eh?