Thursday, June 30, 2005

A Fishing Net?

I wasnt going to put anything up here for a few days, but hey, I love this picture I found at Foxsports. Particularly because I was at a Nationals game last friday, which was a whole lot more fun than I expected. Great crowd and atmosphere, lots of foul balls in my direction. But alas....none quite close enough. I saw a girl get clocked with one after it hit the upper deck and fell down on her. Then there were the famous people that sat near me, not that I'm particularly fond of them, but James Carville and Tim Russert are big names around DC ( and MSNBC Meet The Press).

so the ball comes screaming toward us...and we all of course put our hands up and shriek (if youre a girl), or just put your hands up if your a guy...some people lose their popcorn...but then everybody wants to know who got the ball. not real sure why we all pay so close attention to this, considering we have no connection to them whatsoever, but then somebody lofts the ball up and the crowd cheers....maybe its more from the fact that we know theyre still alive and the ball didnt plant itself into their forehead permanently. Thats it.

so this picture....the guy opts not to go with the ball glove, and brings a fishing net? (for fun fishing net stories visit my friend Johns blog) I love the reactions...dudes are freakin out all around, one guy turns his that if it randomly headed in his direction all that meat back there would soften the blow I suppose. The kid nearby is in the middle of raising his hand for would only hope he was fast enough if it really counted...

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Juliana Theory

these guys rock out of the best live shows I've seen. (I didnt take these)

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Hi Grandma

I just discovered that my Grandma reads this page...I didnt even know she knew about it. Well, enjoy! I wrote this last December:

How Can I Be Sure That I'm Alive?

It's the rain on the side of my face
With a slight chill, the glossy landscape surrounding me
The silence of snow, as it hypnotizes with its frozen dance
The complete pureness that it brings, leaving nothing exposed
It's the sun as it warms, as it guides and colors the sky
The paintings that it delivers, morning and evening
It's the stars, silent as well, though in seeming so restrained,
appear so powerful and vibrant, a force untouched, and so constant
The breeze, as it whips across the plain, over a dune,
through the trough of a wave
As it stirs the trees, the life that it brings, that it takes
If not these things then what else, to unwrap the essense of a soul
To unchain a spirit, to allow the sensation of life to enter freely
to be infused with it
I know that despite being alive, when I turn to such chances
For a glimmer of light, a touch of coolness, a blanket of warmth,
I'm not simply alive, but I'm truly living

Monday, June 27, 2005

Secret Message

7:30 Act like you know

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Wind and I

I have no words at this moment in time
The wind that stole my breath has brought me this rhyme
The dipping scape of vast hues and tones
Makes me stop and feel the sunset as it warms my bones
The wind that takes my breath from me
Gives it back to shrub and tree
a whistling song I'm granted then
From bending twig and creaking stem
Leaves join in and lend their clap
And then it's gone from whence it came
The trees then sit as if bland and plain
Their secret is safe, atleast for a while
Before the next gust comes and stirs up their style

Friday, June 17, 2005

London Calling

loose in Europe with a Camera...what could be better...

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

life by the numbers

thursday (6/9): 216 pictures developed (from Poland)
friday (6/10): 100+ emails to sort through (at work)
sunday (6/12): 18 mosquito bites (from the backyard)
monday (6/13): 4 granola bars (all I ate until 6 pm)
tuesday (6/14): 2 days in a row (that I went for a run. wow)

interesting pattern....dont ask what happened on saturday, I just couldnt do the math

Monday, June 13, 2005

a new leaf

looks like this page will take a bit of a different twist for a while...after being prodded by Amy to put my poetry up here, I'll do that....and more. I think I'll take some of my favorite poems and put them here too. I mostly like Robert Frost, Emily Dickenson, and Longfellow. I'll even put more of my poems too, why not. So here's my fresh new one...from just the other day.

Through The Doors

when given a choice, we sometimes relent
to a voice we know not to be heaven sent
but to know the difference is key for sure
in finding the path you might have ignored
the doors may be before you, open or closed
you may stand in confusion as the turmoil grows
studying the panels or looking through the crack
won't get you any further than a turtle on its back

If you turn the handle and take the step
you'll splash into an ocean you'll never regret
the water runs deep and refreshes the soul
it fills in the cracks and covers the hole
its movement is constant as the current grabs on
and takes you to places you thought were gone

So let it take you, and move you, and mold you, and make you

Friday, June 10, 2005

day 2

so, back here in Maryland again, day 2. I'm feeling a bit philosophical, as some friends of mine have been feeling that way too. Its good to reflect on life....but only so much that you dont actually miss it. Life is meant to be lived. (random thoughts I guess....) My photos should be up on the photo website soon, maybe by late tonight.

I'm pretty excited because I got some money for my birthday....and I never used it, so now I'm going to get some CDs I've had on my mind: The Killers, MxPx, and of course the new Coldplay. Its been a while since I have bought new music. Finally I get to use it. hmmm....I feel I might have a poetic spell coming on too. Usually new music helps me out with that (and of course...moving experiences). I'll stick anything good that I write up here for your viewing enjoyment.

Thursday, June 09, 2005


Okay...back from Poland. Wow. what a trip. It will take some time for all of my thoughts to leak out. I met some amazing people, and really saw God work in the lives of everybody involved. I have some mad pictures to get developed, and maybe will have to start up a new site just to make them available. I helped with the fotografia workshop, so atleast we have some cool shots from that I can put up sooner.

My first real thought is how it is so different to live in an area with a lot of different languages very close together. Living in Maryland Mexico is so far off, but in Europe you dont have to go far to get into another language area. Reminds me of how God spread people out from the Tower of Babel, and why He did that. Think of how things went in Europe whenever rulers attempted to unify everybody in language and culture!? The diversity and uniqueness to each European nation should be celebrated as its own. I'm excited to be able to learn about Poland and become a part of its culture in some way. I'll have some good stories along the way, but for the big picture scoop, click on Hop's blog to the right.