Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ethan's First Christmas

Ethan's first Christmas was SO much fun! Ethan enjoyed opening his gifts and "helping" other people open theirs.

Here he is helping his Aunt Allison open her big gift from my brother, a new digital Rebel XS.

The stuffed Santa in this picture is 1 of 3 that my mom made for my brother, sister and I when we were little. Every Christmas, these stuffed Santas come out of the basement with the rest of the decorations...however Santa hasn't gotten this much love in years!!! For whatever reason, Ethan LOVES to give hugs to Santa. It's something he just started doing on his own, but he also seems to know what "hug Santa" means. If you say "Ethan, hug Santa" he'll crawl over to Santa and give him a big hug. So cute, I'm considering keeping Santa around for a while!

Like father, like son:

So, that brings us to New Years. We decided to have a quiet night at home this year, since Ethan goes to bed at 7pm (and will still wake up at 7am, regardless of how late we stay up!)

Happy 2009!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


This picture was taken about a month ago. I would post something more recent, but our recent photos haven't made it onto the computer yet (hint, hint, hubby ;-))

Anyway. Isn't Ethan cute? Looking at this picture makes me think of how much he has changed in the past month. He's still doing the army crawl, for the most part, but now he's pulling up to standing on everything! We even had to invest in our first baby gate. In other firsts, Ethan has his first ear infection. After a round of "yummy pink medicine," the pediatrician is still not happy with his ears, so today we start on a stronger antibiotic. Hopefully that will do the trick! Dr. G said that Ethan's teething probably isn't helping his ears at all. Can you believe our boy has 5 teeth already!!!