Monday, April 18, 2005

beltway blues

well, you know something is off when you stare at the back of the same car for about 45 minutes straight and only 30 minutes after you get off the highway you can't even remember what kind of car it was. I know there was a Toyota following me....Maybe I cant remember it because I have good vision and foresight and I'm always looking 3-4 cars ahead so I can predict whats happening next: are we going to brake again, stop suddenly, gun it, break, roll, roll, stop, roll, stop, stop, roll, etc. I only had to deal with this 1 hr and 15 minutes of commute because I forgot to set my alarm clock last night.....and slept in. blah.

I guess it could be worse, a buddy of mine got a speeding ticket this morning. 75 in a 55. Oddly enough, I was probably going faster than him for atleast 20 min of my trip, but looking at the time and everything, I averaged about 28 mph. Lovely.

There was no accident, no roadwork. This was normal. Sometimes its easier to just take the day off if you sleep in for too long. Its just not worth it. (thanks for letting me mope a bit....)


Deb =Þ said...

AAAAAaaaahhhhHHHHHH!!!! I understand Brian -- dude, I can't imagine doing that every day. I was on I-66 in my new car for over an hour and a half on friday night. And i rode the clutch most of the time. Ugh. I think my leg just about fell off. Good luck with the commute next time. It's funny, because I had the same issue yesterday -- I used an alarm clock that I hadn't reset for daylight savings time, so I ended up missing church! I guess it happens. sorry. Hope you got some good sleep!

Deb =Þ said...

Oh -- and did I mention that I got a speeding ticket in VA yesterday? My first moving violation ever. In stinking culpeper, VA. Where NO ONE was on the road except for me and a random minivan in front of me. we were on a downward hill and I didn't think I was speeding, and even when I saw a car at the bottom that I thought *might* have been a cop I didn't think I was speeding. Oh well... It happens. It was only 70 in a 55. Unfortunately the "processing fee" costs almost as much as the ticket itself.

blue mcgoo said...

I live in richmond where there is no traffic. We might get a new ballpark soon.

Brian said...

blah, you just want a new ballpark because we're getting one, and we have a good team!

Anyway, Deb, I feel your pain. clutch-riding is an art I would say (though, dont they say its bad to "ride the clutch"?)

blue mcgoo said...

Ich habe dein mutties clutch geroden. I would expect this post to be deleted.