Tuesday, April 05, 2005

that rabbit's dynamite!

evil rabbit Posted by Hello

so the weekend before last my friend Deb was driving home and flipped her car while trying to avoid a rabbit in the road. Just a bit ironic since it was Easter weekend. Maybe if she had a rabbit-trained trunk money things would have gone a lot smoother. Or maybe just a lynx (see above). The Jeep landed on its wheels again, but the roof was quite busted up. Oh, and one of the tires exploded.

After the hospital let her go, she was okay except for small bits of glass she kept finding in random spots. She couldnt get in touch with anyone to get her home (her new cell phone didnt have many #s in it. I was out of town and got the message 3 days later). So she calls her roommates to see if they could help her get home, and the first says shes not feeling up to it, but maybe the 2nd would help out, once she gets home. Then 15 minutes later she she calls back. The response: "Nope, shes too tired too. You'll have to figure out some other way to get home". At this point in the story I get a bit agitated. What kind of roommates are these? Can't pick up your roommate from a hospital 20 minutes away after a traumatic event such as this? I've heard of roommate injustice before, but this beats it all. She took a cab back home for $25.

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