Tuesday, April 19, 2005

on food and travel

WOW, it is so insanely nice outside! I'm thinking about quitting my life...running across the road into the national park, and just living there forever, foraging for nuts and berries. If the Geese can find em, I'm sure I can. Honestly, its tempting. Then I would probably be the next Goat-man (go ahead, ask I'd be glad to explain).

Well I was just on my way to grab an afternoon pick-up when I was reveling in the nature. Snacks are nice....anyway, had to decide between Twix and Snickers. Both 70 cents....tough decision. Twix today.

So, pretty good chance that during the month of May I'll have been on atleast 10 different planes and set foot in...oh..I guess 5 states. Travel insanity. I'm scheduled to be in the following places in May: Richmond,VA; Pascagoula,MS; Morgantown,WV; San Diego,CA; Somewhere, England; and Poznan, Poland! Wow, say goodbye to normal life for a while. I'll need a break after all that.

entree of the day: the most excellent Rockfish Annapolitan (can be found at Pusser's Landing)


Doveseyes said...

How come you travel so much??? I'm jealous! I thought I traveled too much...

Brian said...

I usually dont, this is going to be pretty hectic for me. Its part work, part play, and part missions trip (Poland). and for that I'm learning stuff like "Mowie po angielsku" such a different language, it sounds like I'm sneezing everytime I speak polish.

amy said...

hahahah...that's one way to put the polish language.

You could totally go live in the park across the street. They make movies about those kinds of things