Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pumpkin Picking

Pumpkin carving is sort of a tradition (turned competition) for Brian, my sister and I. So, on Sunday (in the cold and rain) we went pumpkin picking at Queen Anne Farm.
Ethan pulling the wagon:
Ethan riding in the wagon (he's having a great time...really):

And, of course, the end result:

There is some debate over which pumpkin is the best. I'm partial to the ones on the first step up, but when I asked our 3 year old neighbor which he liked best, he said the pirate (sorry, but using a pattern is cheating) and the "cat." You decide :-)

And an incredibly cute picture of Ethan, just because:

As for Halloween, we will be in warm, sunny San Diego. Now, that's my idea of a happy Halloween :-)