Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Late Summer Update

Trip to Mobile, Alabama (Jenn and Ethan tagged along)

We visited Bellingrath gardens, a very nice, not so hot day to enjoy the outdoors.

Jenn took this great shot of a butterfly, in the "butterfly garden". Along the way we actually saw a snake, frog, some big fish, crabs, snails, and a lion made of stone. We wanted to see an alligator, but didn't that day. We did see one in the evening the day before we left though (outside a restaurant in the water), so the trip was complete.

We visited the USS Alabama (decommissioned battleship). Ethan had a great time. Here he is walking the deckplates and checking the integrity of the ship.

We took a look from across the Mobile river at the USS Independence (LCS 2), the reason for my trip (Builder's Sea Trials).