Thursday, July 28, 2005

Wicked Storm

I've been getting complaints about not updating enough here, so I guess I should make more of an effort? No cool pictures today, but soon enough there will be....when I get my film developed.

Last night I experienced what was probably the worst storm of the summer so far....I was in Annapolis, on West street. One second it was getting darker because it was dusk, then the next second the sky is black, then the next second its black and blowing and starting to rain. This sucker came up FAST. So I'm there with Jenn at a car dealership looking at stuff, and as it starts to rain there is water pouring into the showroom. That stuff came under the door and in like 10 feet. Waiting to test drive a car, we wait a while watching the water pour across the parking lot. signs get knocked over, etc. For some reason there was a fake owl hanging from the powerlines, and he was blowing totally sideways most of the time.

So we finally test drove it in the river that used to be the road...yeah some parts we had to go onto the wrong side to not swamp the car. Then after the whole thing, I notice the signs knocked over, a large cigarette disposal thingy that looks to have been blown into a brand new car and opened itself up (fun). Then I get to MINE, and theres a stinkin sign up against IT (it actually fell ON it). I havent really checked much to see if it left marks, but I sure wasnt happy. (these are metal signs that say like "customer parking" and junk like that. I guess they move them around to trick people or they arent permanent?)

Then theres the power that went out, forgot about that one. Anyway, when I get to work today, I'm seeing that the whole DC area had issues, as I hear about it on the radio, then just outside my building I'm noticing large potted plants that were knocked over, then rolled around...a bird's nest that was definitely not in the tree that used to hold it. A real fun time. I'm told the left 2 lanes of part of the beltway were under 2 feet of water...I've only seen that once before, at the same spot near River Road (the name fits, eh?). Not so good for driving.

Monday, July 25, 2005

thought of the day

honestly, not much goin on in my head today that I feel like sharing. BUT, I do know that I really like listening to Mae. That band is stinkin awesome! and stuff like that.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Cruise &Crabs

Wow...what a great weekend. its not even over yet, and Im already saying that. friday night got to hang out with some fun people, and then saturday was like the longest day....our small group leaders all got together and we went out on a cruise up the Severn River, and it was all stormy, but that was cool. After that we went down to Hillsmere Beach and had a crab and corn feast right by the water....had some fun playing volleyball, even in the thunderstorms (smart? probably only live once though, and it felt so good). So after all that activity I was a bit tired...jammed finger, a bit of sunburn, sand in unknown places....but I headed to Annapolis with Jenn and some of her friends, a pretty relaxing evening, nice way to wrap it up.

So....can you find me in this picture? Hint, I'm not the one wearing the shades....

Friday, July 15, 2005

Collision Ahead

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Backyard Beauties

I have to admit...the best smelling flower has to be the Stargazer Lily, thats the pink one here. Not sure what the other one is, specifically, but the expert transplanter John helped me get it growing happily. By the way, I have an iPod now. she's quite beautiful to me too. (yup, I caved in to the hype. in a sense its a very sweet defeat)

sunrise and summertime

Hey there...the sunrise these past two day has been sweet, nice wispy pink action all over the deep blue morning sky. Very nice. This picture here is actually at Bethany beach (in march I think). That was such an amazing sight. Make sure you check out the links on the right, I added JRs blog, he's the pastor of Kairos out in LA where a lot of my friends went into the ministry after school. Hes a real interesting guy, a lot like Brian Hopper. Very artistic I would's a great link I found on his page. Can't wait until Chronicles of Narnia is in the theaters?

Click here for a preview

some recent thoughts...

Standing on the Edge of Summer
What is this that drips of cherries and smooth summer nights?
Although I know what holds me back, I sure enjoy the flight
What seemed to be so random is exactly that and more
As I slip into the water and find more than there was before
I glide through then swim deep to see what's below
Its a tantalizing journey as I learn to take it slow
As if in reverse I can prevent my lungs from bitter pain
I try to slow the process down, at best attempt to refrain
So them I'm floating at mid-depth, and neither way is clear
Up or down is that the choice I'm dealing with here?
But up seems down and all around when senses fill the soul
I've got myself, and here I am I'll gladly take the role.
Life is fresh, and always new and living is what is real
So gaze into that crystal ball and whatever it may reveal

Thursday, July 07, 2005

todays pet peeve

Have you ever been listening to the traffic report on the radio, and heard them say that because of the jam, or of impending weather, that you should "allow extra time" for your drive? They might say "give yourself more time". I think they should really say something like "too bad, nothing you can do about it now, you're gonna sit".

I mean, how on earth can we give ourselves more time? You get up in the morning at a certain time, listen to the radio or check it out on TV, and you're pretty much done for if the traffic is already bad. You're gonna be late for work. Its not like you can go back in time and "give yourself more time" for that specific morning. Okay, so you hear about it at work. Today they told me that since this afternoon is going to be terrible weather, I should give myself more time for my drive home. Ridiculous. Unless that means I can leave from work early, can they do that for me?

I really think that theyre saying with the bad weather, it's a "be careful", kind of thing. Like, dont drive so stinkin crazy all the time. My favorite was when Bob Malburg on WTOP was talking about one rainy afternoon. He said something like "for all of you out there that think you own the road, you'll find out soon enough and end up flipped upside down by the end of rush hour". He was sick and tired of the people driving like the laws of physics dont really exist...

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

time for the audience to vote

raise your hand if you think I should get an iPod. If yes...what should I get specially engraved on the back? (that part is free)

Monday, July 04, 2005


I'm keeping the last three days, atleast once a day somebody has paused in mid conversation to tell me how RANDOM I am. Seriously. They tell me its good. Anyway, heres my random thought of the day: bug zappers. What is the point anyway? so they may rid your casual evening atmosphere of those annoying buzzing, biting pests, but is it really all that great of a scenerio if theres a big blue light not too far away that goes "KAZITCH" "SHAZAM" "BUZUUZZZZUCK!!" every few seconds? (that last one was a bigun). And what about the people that just leave them on, all the time? do they have a right to just murder thousands of bugs for no apparent reason? Who is out there supposedly benefiting from such bug eradication? Oh well......

I have trouble motivating myself to update this thing, because the more I post, I know that my pictures will be bumped to the next page eventually...and that saddens me. I like seeing them on that page. guess I cant have everything. You can go back and browse through them atleast, if you want. I started a 2nd photo page, by the way, much more of a professional portfolio. Perhaps you would like to comment and tell me if some of the pix dont rate professional status, and should be DELETED. Let me know if you want to see the site. Its only for people I can trust.....since the photos are actually of a good quality.

also on the photo front, I cant find my recharger for my digital camera batteries. thats not so good....please pray I can find it. Yeah, I generally won't post deep prayer requests here.....I like sharing those more personally....