Thursday, June 29, 2006


My thoughts recently have reverted to those of practicality (in times of great stress or struggle, we tend to dwell on methods of survival). So, for your benefit, and my own future reference, please consider the following:

Rule #1: Do not prepare tuna while wearing newly cleaned pants
Rule #2: Do not prepare tuna while wearing a tie
Rule #3: Do not prepare tuna before 6 in the morning
Rule #4: Failing to bring the proper utensil for lunch can be horribly frustrating

This last rule is not from my own experience, but I'm thinking clearly enough now to be smart about it:
Rule #5: Do not ever attempt to eat tuna with your hands

Friday, June 02, 2006

Eqyptian Discovery

sorry if the spiders overwhelmed you....I know after a while they started to bother me. Anyway, moving on. I used to love reading about Eqypt while growing up, I still do, theres just lots of other stuff going on too. I have a nice big picture book with historic places in Egypt in it...very cool. Even cooler is that they recently discovered another tomb in the Valley of the Kings, very close to where Tut was buried. Its named KV63 (Kings Valley, 63rd tomb discovered). Theyre even having a special on the Discovery channel soon. This is big stuff, like the biggest discovery over there since Howard Carter discovered Tut in 1922.

I also found a really cool mapping site that lets you see aerial shots of Egyptian ruins. It works best on faster computers, with fast internet connections.

Follow these cool links to check it out: