Friday, December 30, 2005

lost and found

music is making a big comeback in my life...because I got some for Christmas, and I'm trying to organize things on my iPod again. I started to back in the summer when I got it, but a bunch of stuff is still out of whack, like song titles, album names, and extra stuff I really dont want on there.

So here's the big story of the day...aside from the great coat I got for Christmas. I have been missing 4 CDs for about 6 months, maybe more...and I finally found ALL of them. Yes, all of them. About two weeks ago I was sitting there looking through all my CD cases again, just to make sure I didnt misplace them, and Steve (my roommate) asks me what I'm doing. Turns out...he had two of my CDs the whole I got back my Neil Diamond and United Hillsong CDs. He didnt know I was looking for them...I didnt know he had them. Gotta love communication.

So, the other two....I remember having Joni Mitchell in my Grand Am...then it vanished. I've looked under the seats a million times since then...and yesterday I decided to try ONE more time. I looked under the passenger seat, and UP under, almost inside the seat was a CD case with Joni Mitchell and Juliana Theory in it. really was in there, so I wasnt crazy. I dont know how it got jammed up there, but I'm pretty happy.

I pictures this weekend. New and old. Throwback and recent holiday photos.

I figure all my questions on here should just be rhetorical because not many people respond anyway....but what are you doing for New Years? (or if thats boring...what did you get for Christmas?)

Thursday, December 29, 2005

its a competition

just to let you know, my lack of posting is directly related to my increase in productivity at work. Seriously. If I'm posting....I'm not getting my work done. Except for later today when I'll be posting some fun photos from home. I have to scan them first. I got a better digital camera for Christmas, so more of those fun photos should end up here. Its used, but good. Those 4 megapixel jobbies really take large photos. I'm gonna have to increase the compression or I can actually keep the photos without having to compress them all more. That would take too long.

Music stuck in my head today: Thrice from the new album Vheissu (I dont know what that means)

I was trying to decide if I need the new Death Cab for Cutie CD. I got it for my sister for Christmas....and I like it, but I wasnt sure, because it sounds a lot like the one before. This morning one of their new songs was the first song I heard on the radio. Thats enough for me to know. Back to Best Buy with my gift cards.

Three of my cousins got better ipods than me for Christmas. They have video, and a bigger screen. When I bought mine back in like, June I guess, Mine was the biggest, and the best. Oh well. It works fine. I love it.

I love rambling. Just for the record, Ska is not dead. (it just likes to reincarnate itself :-))

Friday, December 16, 2005

Game show've won the chance to access free ebooks for life, in addition to being amused by the most ridiculous, completely fake online encyclopedia. Enjoy!

Project Gutenberg:


moving along

Ach, thats my word for the day...sort of a half surprise, half something else, definitely not so good sort of word. Almost was in a huge accident today on the beltway, this guy blew a tire and was spinning in circles right in front of our van. We missed him by about 6 inches. Ask me for details, it would take too long to type, but we're okay, and I dont think anybody else hit him either.

I fixed my link to photos...for some reason, my previous photo album simply vanished. I dont know why, but its gone. Alas, that is sad. I had that site since 2001, so a lot of time had gone into it. The new one is great, of course, but just not the same. It will take a while to build up my archive in there.

band of the day: Radiohead
you may have noticed I havent talked about music as much recently...yeah, thats because I havent been listening to it as much, or investigating it. Its a bit sad, but I expect to get more into it soon....I really need to find out whats out there, but I dont always have time.

book of the day: Treasure Island
gotta love that book. I found it on the project gutenberg website. I dont have the exact link, but I should put it up. I also have a fun link to a site like wikipedia, but its not exactly, its all made up stuff. pretty funny.

Ach! back to work

Monday, December 05, 2005

regaining unconsciousness

my office moved 20 feet up the hall, so the end of last week was Chaos here. Yes I capitalized that on purpose, because Chaos definitely deserves to be personified. (always has a bad temper too). Atleast I'm snugly down the hall now, my code is in a space 1/3 the size of the last one, and our other room looks like a disaster zone. Not my problem, or is it? Nobody really knows what we're supposed to do with all the stuff we couldnt fit in here.

Anyway, I'm munching on an amazing cookie that Jenn and I made. First time either of us has made cookies from scratch. Seriously. It was quite pleasant yesterday, Christmas music playing, Mario on the Super Nintendo (old school), a newly decorated tree looking bold in the whatever room (the main one I havent named yet). Then the fresh cookies. Cliche yes, but thats what it was all about, and we had a great time. I even did some raking yesterday before finishing up with the tree. yesterday was a full but very nice day. I need to get another cookie....