Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer Update

Ethan after a night of food on the grill

This cloud above was way more impressive in person- it was so high that it was pushing through the high level clouds around it. I went out after a thunderstorm and it was kind of eerie.
Ethan and his truck. You can actually see a mosquito to the left of Ethan if you look closely. You can probably select the photo to zoom in. They are constantly following him outside, but its hard to say how many bites he gets, because of course he can't tell me specifically.

This scene was at a New Orleans style restaurant in Atlanta. I put a Crayfish in front of Ethan, and he immediately put it in his mouth. Here I am in action- about to pull it back out.

Atlanta. See the family in the foreground.

Augusta, GA- Ethan trying on some shades