Friday, April 15, 2005

random double shot

deep thought of the day: no man is qualified to speak who has not first listened
(see I gotta be serious sometimes....)

stupidest vending machine snack name: Mrs. Freshley's Frosted Donuts
believe it or not, if you leave em in there long enough, they may not be fresh...

Bonus: a website for snack cakes? wow....somebody is seriously committed to selling sugar. I bet I'm the only one that has actually been to that site. Actually a quite thrilling site is where they have an awesome Breakfast Brawl, almost identical to the original Nintendo Mike Tyson's Punchout. Seriously, they cloned that game! Its just that now you're fighting to knockout bad breakfast choices....give it a whirl. That website actually gets my award for "most likely to be influenced by Monty Python". Where else can you Contact an Elk?. You have to check it out to see what I mean.

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Deb =Þ said...

And I thought that I was the only person who went to really really random food websites... Pretty funny. How do you find these things? As much as Ms. Freshley's donuts may go bad, they probably won't go bad until at LEAST 2007 or 2008. And I'm sure they were never really "fresh" in the first place. interesting. and scary. What DO they put in those things?