Wednesday, February 10, 2010

....and More Snow.......

Kind of like a Moonscape....
These pictures will be more impressive years from now, or maybe in the summer. Right now, it's pretty much the way it is everywhere...huge drifts and missing cars. The drifting makes it hard to measure. Crofton got 12.8" and BWI got 19.5", I would say we are somewhere in the middle.
Where did April's car go? It's somewhere under this snow in the picture above.
This was the glacier that was moving towards her car from the other direction. At it's height it is up to my chest, roughly 5 feet. It may have moved more by morning....

Sunday, February 07, 2010

More Snow!!

Ethan posing by the back door as the snow piled up higher than him (he's 33")

Official measurements using trusty yardstick:
Center of Backyard: 29-30"
Deck in Backyard: 34-35"
Front yard: 26-28"
(Not counting snow that was already on the ground before this storm)

Foot of snow on front porch

Neighbor across the street

Ethan got more into the snow than ever before!
Digging out (Ethan is next to the car)
His literal words: "Hat, away, hat, away" He wanted me to put it away so he could get to the instrument underneath.