Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ethan's First Christmas

Ethan's first Christmas was SO much fun! Ethan enjoyed opening his gifts and "helping" other people open theirs.

Here he is helping his Aunt Allison open her big gift from my brother, a new digital Rebel XS.

The stuffed Santa in this picture is 1 of 3 that my mom made for my brother, sister and I when we were little. Every Christmas, these stuffed Santas come out of the basement with the rest of the decorations...however Santa hasn't gotten this much love in years!!! For whatever reason, Ethan LOVES to give hugs to Santa. It's something he just started doing on his own, but he also seems to know what "hug Santa" means. If you say "Ethan, hug Santa" he'll crawl over to Santa and give him a big hug. So cute, I'm considering keeping Santa around for a while!

Like father, like son:

So, that brings us to New Years. We decided to have a quiet night at home this year, since Ethan goes to bed at 7pm (and will still wake up at 7am, regardless of how late we stay up!)

Happy 2009!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


This picture was taken about a month ago. I would post something more recent, but our recent photos haven't made it onto the computer yet (hint, hint, hubby ;-))

Anyway. Isn't Ethan cute? Looking at this picture makes me think of how much he has changed in the past month. He's still doing the army crawl, for the most part, but now he's pulling up to standing on everything! We even had to invest in our first baby gate. In other firsts, Ethan has his first ear infection. After a round of "yummy pink medicine," the pediatrician is still not happy with his ears, so today we start on a stronger antibiotic. Hopefully that will do the trick! Dr. G said that Ethan's teething probably isn't helping his ears at all. Can you believe our boy has 5 teeth already!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Philadelphia Phillies
2008 World Series Champions!!!

It's the Great Pumpkin(s), Charlie Brown!!!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Beach Baby

The past 2 weeks have been full of "firsts" for Ethan. It was his first:
  • trip to the ocean
  • time eating cheerios
  • tooth (it's on the bottom)
  • cold (complete with cough, low grade fever & runny nose)
  • 3 hour nap
  • and his first crawl!
And here are some pictures from our first family vacation (Ocean City, MD). Enjoy!

We ate at a restaurant called the "Hobbit," the waiters were short men with hairy feet...jk ;-) It was actually a very nice restaurant with a great view.

Here Ethan is eating pears for the first time. He actually liked them quite a bit, after getting used to them.

Above is a picture of the sand piling up in the dune crossing when a huge low pressure system was churning up the coast (kind of like a mild tropical depression). We got 40 mph wind for about 2 days straight. It piled up 3-4 feet in the crossing, and also eroded much of the beach away. These rocks below were NOT there for our first days at the beach. The sand will return naturally though...that's the way the cycle works.

Nappy nap time!

PS...this is a collaborative post. Can you guess who made which captions? ;-)

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane?

Nope, it's Ethan! :-)

Too cute for words, don't you think? We can't believe he'll be 6 months old in week and a half. His newest tricks include rolling himself across the room to get to a toy that he wants, crying himself to sleep at night, and eating homemade baby food (carrots & sweet potatoes so far, next week...bananas!)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Anniversary us :-)

Tuesday is our 2nd anniversary. Many things have changed over the past 2 years: we married, both of us changed jobs (twice!), we moved, had a baby, and--in case you hadn't noticed--I've unofficially taken over the blog (no worries though, I'm sure Brian will be back) ;-)

Anyway, Happy Anniversary sweetie!!! I love you!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Please Sir, May I Have Some More?

Ethan is 5 months old today, and lately has been wanting to nurse A LOT. We started him on rice cereal this morning and he LOVES it! The video is just under 2 minutes long and it's worth it to watch the whole thing. I have to admit, I laugh every time I see him gag himself with the spoon ;-)

And for comparison...this was Ethan at 2 months. As you can see, he has changed a little ;-)

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Mommy's First Post

Aren't they just the cutest!?! Ethan and I have been hanging out with Anna during the day while her mom is at work. Anna was born 3 days before Ethan and is SO sweet. I love watching the two of them interact :-)

In other exciting news...

I tripped and fell down the stairs today, while holding Ethan. As you can see...we lived to tell the story ;-) Ethan is fine (luckily, my body broke his fall). I have a few bruised/possibly fractured ribs. Not much to do other than ice and the motrin-extra-strength-tylenol routine that I know so well from after Ethan was born.

Anyway, here are more pictures of the little cute ones...enjoy!


Friday, August 01, 2008

A little more Ethan

Here is a quick video of Ethan is rolling onto his belly. This was on July 2, so he was about 3 1/2 months old at the time.

Here are a few more recent pictures that didn't make it into the last post. Ethan loves his Bee/Mirror friend. Here he is all ready to go for a walk in his stroller on July 4. He was hungry though, so that didn't last too long.

Here is Ethan in the bouncy seat type makes jungle sounds.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Update on Life in General

Ethan is actually about 4.5 months old now! I have some good photos of him having fun recently. His napping/sleep habits are sometimes difficult for us, and hopefully we'll get through that, but he is definitely a fun baby when he is awake and playing. At his recent appointment (July 24) Ethan weighed 18 pounds! He is a good sized baby. Keeps us in shape.

Here (above) Ethan just woke up. It's hard to say what he's really thinking.
This one Ethan is in the middle of rolling over, from his back to his stomach. He always starts that move off by throwing his legs over. Pretty smart kid. I'll have a video on that soon.

This is Ethans chair for hanging out with us at the table. He doesnt eat there yet, he just chills most of the time and is definitely fun to have at dinner. Its nice to be eating at the table again, rather than at the coffee table.

At work things have been very busy, for a number of reasons...makes sense I guess that when things get busy at home, they get just as busy at work, so my life is just busy right now. Prior to March, I thought I was busy, but now I am actually swamped, I have enough to do at home, at work, and personally, that there might be enough time in my life to accomplish it all, as long as I didnt sleep at all, and thats not an option. The challenge is not letting work clash with home, because each of them could easily run over into each other. Its hard to not be able to give 100% to something (because of factors beyond your control), makes you feel like you could always do better. Perhaps thats a good motivational point, that helps me strive to work harder. Anyway, heres the good news about work, our ship (The FREEDOM, LCS 1) is undergoing trials now, so it has officially set sail. It wont be operational in the Navy for a while, but its making good progress.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Ethan Really likes Hoagies (this was his first in Philadelphia a week and a half ago). He discovered that hes got them beat in size. This is the "whole" at Primo Hoagies. It was somewhere around 20 inches or more, not sure....we were impressed.
Ethan also likes stealing our pillows so he can be as comfortable as you see him with atleast three....and he looks pretty relaxed too.

Oh, and if you were wondering what the next Mazda 6 is going to look like, here it is. Should be out sometime in July.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Almost Three Months Old!

This Saturday Ethan will be 3 Months old...he's definitely more talkative and fun, but still quite a challenge. He's definitely getting a little chubby.

Also, I was checking out my recently planted foliage around the yard...and found a baby praying mantis hanging out. Pretty cool. (can you see him?)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ethan Getting Wrapped

We started using some wraps that secure with velcro, but he can still break out sometimes. this was him being wrapped last night.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Babysitting and Ethan Smiles

We baby sat our friend Walker on Saturday night, he's a little over 1 year old, it was fun...he ate dinner for about an hour and a half.

Also...Ethan has started smiling!