Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Update on Life in General

Ethan is actually about 4.5 months old now! I have some good photos of him having fun recently. His napping/sleep habits are sometimes difficult for us, and hopefully we'll get through that, but he is definitely a fun baby when he is awake and playing. At his recent appointment (July 24) Ethan weighed 18 pounds! He is a good sized baby. Keeps us in shape.

Here (above) Ethan just woke up. It's hard to say what he's really thinking.
This one Ethan is in the middle of rolling over, from his back to his stomach. He always starts that move off by throwing his legs over. Pretty smart kid. I'll have a video on that soon.

This is Ethans chair for hanging out with us at the table. He doesnt eat there yet, he just chills most of the time and is definitely fun to have at dinner. Its nice to be eating at the table again, rather than at the coffee table.

At work things have been very busy, for a number of reasons...makes sense I guess that when things get busy at home, they get just as busy at work, so my life is just busy right now. Prior to March, I thought I was busy, but now I am actually swamped, I have enough to do at home, at work, and personally, that there might be enough time in my life to accomplish it all, as long as I didnt sleep at all, and thats not an option. The challenge is not letting work clash with home, because each of them could easily run over into each other. Its hard to not be able to give 100% to something (because of factors beyond your control), makes you feel like you could always do better. Perhaps thats a good motivational point, that helps me strive to work harder. Anyway, heres the good news about work, our ship (The FREEDOM, LCS 1) is undergoing trials now, so it has officially set sail. It wont be operational in the Navy for a while, but its making good progress.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Ethan Really likes Hoagies (this was his first in Philadelphia a week and a half ago). He discovered that hes got them beat in size. This is the "whole" at Primo Hoagies. It was somewhere around 20 inches or more, not sure....we were impressed.
Ethan also likes stealing our pillows so he can be as comfortable as you see him with atleast three....and he looks pretty relaxed too.

Oh, and if you were wondering what the next Mazda 6 is going to look like, here it is. Should be out sometime in July.