Thursday, July 28, 2005

Wicked Storm

I've been getting complaints about not updating enough here, so I guess I should make more of an effort? No cool pictures today, but soon enough there will be....when I get my film developed.

Last night I experienced what was probably the worst storm of the summer so far....I was in Annapolis, on West street. One second it was getting darker because it was dusk, then the next second the sky is black, then the next second its black and blowing and starting to rain. This sucker came up FAST. So I'm there with Jenn at a car dealership looking at stuff, and as it starts to rain there is water pouring into the showroom. That stuff came under the door and in like 10 feet. Waiting to test drive a car, we wait a while watching the water pour across the parking lot. signs get knocked over, etc. For some reason there was a fake owl hanging from the powerlines, and he was blowing totally sideways most of the time.

So we finally test drove it in the river that used to be the road...yeah some parts we had to go onto the wrong side to not swamp the car. Then after the whole thing, I notice the signs knocked over, a large cigarette disposal thingy that looks to have been blown into a brand new car and opened itself up (fun). Then I get to MINE, and theres a stinkin sign up against IT (it actually fell ON it). I havent really checked much to see if it left marks, but I sure wasnt happy. (these are metal signs that say like "customer parking" and junk like that. I guess they move them around to trick people or they arent permanent?)

Then theres the power that went out, forgot about that one. Anyway, when I get to work today, I'm seeing that the whole DC area had issues, as I hear about it on the radio, then just outside my building I'm noticing large potted plants that were knocked over, then rolled around...a bird's nest that was definitely not in the tree that used to hold it. A real fun time. I'm told the left 2 lanes of part of the beltway were under 2 feet of water...I've only seen that once before, at the same spot near River Road (the name fits, eh?). Not so good for driving.


amy said...

why on earth would you want to test drive a car on a day like that?

btw...don't you already have 2 cars?

Brian said... really wasnt a day like that. The storms came up super fast, in about 5 minutes. we had limited time, so we waited it out a bit, then had to test drive in the rain. not the best, but since Jenn's car died....there wasnt the luxury of time. know what I mean.

So, it was Jenn that was shopping around. Dont worry. you'll see a picture of her car...she got one saturday, but its a surprise.