Tuesday, July 12, 2005

sunrise and summertime

Hey there...the sunrise these past two day has been sweet, nice wispy pink action all over the deep blue morning sky. Very nice. This picture here is actually at Bethany beach (in march I think). That was such an amazing sight. Make sure you check out the links on the right, I added JRs blog, he's the pastor of Kairos out in LA where a lot of my friends went into the ministry after school. Hes a real interesting guy, a lot like Brian Hopper. Very artistic I would say...here's a great link I found on his page. Can't wait until Chronicles of Narnia is in the theaters?

Click here for a preview

some recent thoughts...

Standing on the Edge of Summer
What is this that drips of cherries and smooth summer nights?
Although I know what holds me back, I sure enjoy the flight
What seemed to be so random is exactly that and more
As I slip into the water and find more than there was before
I glide through then swim deep to see what's below
Its a tantalizing journey as I learn to take it slow
As if in reverse I can prevent my lungs from bitter pain
I try to slow the process down, at best attempt to refrain
So them I'm floating at mid-depth, and neither way is clear
Up or down is that the choice I'm dealing with here?
But up seems down and all around when senses fill the soul
I've got myself, and here I am I'll gladly take the role.
Life is fresh, and always new and living is what is real
So gaze into that crystal ball and whatever it may reveal


amy said...

I love this poem!!!

Brian said...


Doveseyes said...

I can't wait to see the Cronicles of Narnia!!!