Thursday, July 07, 2005

todays pet peeve

Have you ever been listening to the traffic report on the radio, and heard them say that because of the jam, or of impending weather, that you should "allow extra time" for your drive? They might say "give yourself more time". I think they should really say something like "too bad, nothing you can do about it now, you're gonna sit".

I mean, how on earth can we give ourselves more time? You get up in the morning at a certain time, listen to the radio or check it out on TV, and you're pretty much done for if the traffic is already bad. You're gonna be late for work. Its not like you can go back in time and "give yourself more time" for that specific morning. Okay, so you hear about it at work. Today they told me that since this afternoon is going to be terrible weather, I should give myself more time for my drive home. Ridiculous. Unless that means I can leave from work early, can they do that for me?

I really think that theyre saying with the bad weather, it's a "be careful", kind of thing. Like, dont drive so stinkin crazy all the time. My favorite was when Bob Malburg on WTOP was talking about one rainy afternoon. He said something like "for all of you out there that think you own the road, you'll find out soon enough and end up flipped upside down by the end of rush hour". He was sick and tired of the people driving like the laws of physics dont really exist...

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amy said...

hmmm...sounds like someone was stuck in traffic today.

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