Tuesday, July 05, 2005

time for the audience to vote

raise your hand if you think I should get an iPod. If yes...what should I get specially engraved on the back? (that part is free)


amy said...

hmmm...that's an easy one. Get a Pink Ipod with "Beloved" engraved on the back. THEN give it to me...cuz my birthday is next week! ;)

(the beloved is in reference to what my name means)

amy said...

where do you get the free engraving? do you have to order online?

Brian said...

Is that what you would get on there? If you order from Apple they do it for you. Have you thought much about getting one?

amy said...

yeah, actually all the time. I haven't been able to justify the purchase with 2 trips hanging over my head. Poland has passed, but the tickets for Japan were quite expensive.

I do want one though...so ready to jump the i-pod bandwagon