Tuesday, May 24, 2005


I love lists. Ever see High Fidelity? (gotta love John Cusack) I'm always thinking about my next mix CD, and I have lists of music I want, music I love, music I have to make my friends hear, music I want to hear, etc. I think people like us (John Cusack and I) carry lists over into other parts of life....like...Here it is, my favorite restaurants (In no specific order). The food is definitely good here (atmosphere and who you're with helps too....)

-Pizza Nova, Harbor Drive, San Diego CA
-Huck's Waterside Cafe, Pascagoula MS
-Busara (Thai), Tysons Corner VA
-Yama (Japanese), Chain Bridge Rd, Vienna VA
-Grace's Fortune, Bowie MD
-Rivermill, Draper St, Blacksburg VA
-The Homeplace, Catawba VA
-Steamers, Chincoteague VA
-Squatters Seafood, Indian Beach NC
-Old Town Mexican Cafe, San Diego CA
-El Guadalupe's, Blacksburg VA
-Anthony's, Harbor Drive, San Diego CA
-Pot Belly's, Harbor Center, Annapolis MD (also in Crystal City VA)
-Burrito Brothers, Rte 7, Mclean VA
-Bottoms Up Pizza, Richmond VA

I'm sure I left something out.....but oh well. Ever wish instead of typing you could just plug the computer into your brain, and download it all? It would be so easy...I always have too many thoughts to make sense of, so it always gets so filtered down. I cant deal with more filtering this morning....


amy said...

hehe... k...Question for you music lover...

How do you organize your music? Alphabetically? By Genre? Or Autobiographically?

I change up...my DVDs are alphabetically. My CDs are by genre, which, interestingly enough is also autobiographical.

High Fidelity...great movie...cusack...definatley love that guy!

amy said...

oh...but if you do the lists...it's gotta be
Top 5 (or 10) all time Greatest "whatevers"

it's not just a list...it's an all time best ranking system

Brian said...

I agree, the Top 5, so....this would be the top 5 places to eat, with a few "top 5 next best" lists.

I dont really organize my music, which is the best part. on the computer I did it by style, then within that by artist, but now with itunes its all by artist. In my CD book, or in the cases, its just whatever.

I really have no idea how to use the autobiographical.....I dont think I have any music like that. unless you mean what music fits my mood. I love putting togehter mix CDs that cover a certain situation in my life......