Tuesday, April 04, 2006

the times they are a changin

my last few weeks have been quite a ride....back and forth, up and down....let me see if I can explain.

-the weather just wont make up its mind....its cold, then hot, cold....back and forth (weather can definitely mess with your head sometimes)
-I've been to two different hospitals and two other clinics helping Jenn solve the great mystery of her appendix-like pain (shes "okay" right now). I've taken more than 5 days of sick leave in the last two weeks. It always gets worse on wednesdays, so I havent been able to connect with my smallgroup for a while.
-despite the setbacks of hospital visits we've managed to get out to Virginia over the weekends for wedding stuff. We have been over in Virginia each of the last 3 weekends for appointments in Reston, Ashburn, Herndon, Fairfax, Vienna, and Springfield. The comforting part is that we're actually getting things done.
-I have a constant list of people I need to get in touch with. As the more important things happen, I dont always call who I need to....I'm missing some of my friends that I don't see all the time. Buddies from college, or from just last year....that's just weighing on me hard right now.

What I've learned: Jenn is always there, no matter how crazy things are...she's always there to support me (its funny how she helps me support her too). We've learned we can really make a kickin breakfast together...that's always fun.


Matt said...

Reston, Ashburn, Herndon, Fairfax, Vienna, and Springfield are not part of Virginia. Just thought I'd let you know ;-) These are part of an area known as NOVA which stands for NOT VA.

chris said...

I feel yah on staying connected with people. I was feeling that way with people at my school up until recently. Basically, I haven't been able to pour into people at school this semester and with the lack of spiritual leaders on campus, many people have been floundering. I led worship last night at Intervarsity. It was sweet to see a crowd of people come alive admist the worship of our glorious God. These next few weeks will be alot of work for me but they will abundent because I am going to pour into people who need it. The effects will be seen greatly.

I say...
Give those people a call!