Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Owl Update

Wow! I cant really fit everything in here, or it would take too much. Well, just wanted to say that I never imagined it would happen the way it did, but I actually saw the owls! Yeah, there's atleast 2 of them. Jenn and I were walking through the woods behind my house around dusk last night and noticing that lots of birds were making noise in the trees (more than usual), then we heard the owl. We stopped, and then I realized that 10 feet away just a few feet above eye level another owl was sitting in a small tree looking at us. So close!!! It wasnt making noise though, its friend up in the trees was making noise. When Jenn saw it there was only a few seconds more before the close owl decided to get some distance, but it only flew a little further away, we watched it, and saw the larger (probably male) owl up in the trees moving around. We watched them fly back and forth and make noise for a bit. They would sit up there and just yell. Not sure if its because we were there, or because of the birds, or they were hunting.....but it was so cool. Face to face with an owl. I love nature, can you tell? (and yes, it was definitely a Barred Owl)


GSmith said...

Actually, the larger owl was probably female. You might want to scout around the area, the birds are probably nesting right now. At least they are in Alabama.

amy said...

BRIAN! I just left you a voicemail! Let me know if you and Jenn can do dinner tonight. I know it's last minute.