Friday, December 30, 2005

lost and found

music is making a big comeback in my life...because I got some for Christmas, and I'm trying to organize things on my iPod again. I started to back in the summer when I got it, but a bunch of stuff is still out of whack, like song titles, album names, and extra stuff I really dont want on there.

So here's the big story of the day...aside from the great coat I got for Christmas. I have been missing 4 CDs for about 6 months, maybe more...and I finally found ALL of them. Yes, all of them. About two weeks ago I was sitting there looking through all my CD cases again, just to make sure I didnt misplace them, and Steve (my roommate) asks me what I'm doing. Turns out...he had two of my CDs the whole I got back my Neil Diamond and United Hillsong CDs. He didnt know I was looking for them...I didnt know he had them. Gotta love communication.

So, the other two....I remember having Joni Mitchell in my Grand Am...then it vanished. I've looked under the seats a million times since then...and yesterday I decided to try ONE more time. I looked under the passenger seat, and UP under, almost inside the seat was a CD case with Joni Mitchell and Juliana Theory in it. really was in there, so I wasnt crazy. I dont know how it got jammed up there, but I'm pretty happy.

I pictures this weekend. New and old. Throwback and recent holiday photos.

I figure all my questions on here should just be rhetorical because not many people respond anyway....but what are you doing for New Years? (or if thats boring...what did you get for Christmas?)

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Anonymous said...

Hey know, I used to listen to N.Diamond when I was like 10....but then realized only old people listened to him ;) just kidding...I survived the apartment in Poland intact luckily......though that would have been an interesting obituary.... - Christine