Friday, December 16, 2005

moving along

Ach, thats my word for the day...sort of a half surprise, half something else, definitely not so good sort of word. Almost was in a huge accident today on the beltway, this guy blew a tire and was spinning in circles right in front of our van. We missed him by about 6 inches. Ask me for details, it would take too long to type, but we're okay, and I dont think anybody else hit him either.

I fixed my link to photos...for some reason, my previous photo album simply vanished. I dont know why, but its gone. Alas, that is sad. I had that site since 2001, so a lot of time had gone into it. The new one is great, of course, but just not the same. It will take a while to build up my archive in there.

band of the day: Radiohead
you may have noticed I havent talked about music as much recently...yeah, thats because I havent been listening to it as much, or investigating it. Its a bit sad, but I expect to get more into it soon....I really need to find out whats out there, but I dont always have time.

book of the day: Treasure Island
gotta love that book. I found it on the project gutenberg website. I dont have the exact link, but I should put it up. I also have a fun link to a site like wikipedia, but its not exactly, its all made up stuff. pretty funny.

Ach! back to work


blue mcgoo said...

So, you tell us of all these great links.. but provide none. What is this, some sort of gameshow?

Brian said...


amy said...

why no music? too busy to listen? heck, you listen to crap all the time...the least you can do is plug some good tunes in to drown out everything else...