Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Hi Grandma

I just discovered that my Grandma reads this page...I didnt even know she knew about it. Well, enjoy! I wrote this last December:

How Can I Be Sure That I'm Alive?

It's the rain on the side of my face
With a slight chill, the glossy landscape surrounding me
The silence of snow, as it hypnotizes with its frozen dance
The complete pureness that it brings, leaving nothing exposed
It's the sun as it warms, as it guides and colors the sky
The paintings that it delivers, morning and evening
It's the stars, silent as well, though in seeming so restrained,
appear so powerful and vibrant, a force untouched, and so constant
The breeze, as it whips across the plain, over a dune,
through the trough of a wave
As it stirs the trees, the life that it brings, that it takes
If not these things then what else, to unwrap the essense of a soul
To unchain a spirit, to allow the sensation of life to enter freely
to be infused with it
I know that despite being alive, when I turn to such chances
For a glimmer of light, a touch of coolness, a blanket of warmth,
I'm not simply alive, but I'm truly living


amy said...

so...since I apparently dont' know. Do YOU KNOW when people get together for crossroads prayer? I was definately there last night...alone, with no one to pray with at 7:30. I must be doing something wrong because everytime I go to this so called prayer meeting, NO ONE IS THERE! Maybe God just doesn't want me praying for crossroads ?!?! ;)

Brian said...

in the words of Adam: "sometimes people dont show up, and like they dont do it, I guess"

Sarah or Kevin used to be the people that would know for sure....

amy said...

yeah, it's all good.

I think it's soo cool that your grandmother reads your blog. I'm impressed that she can use the computer. When I lived with my grandmother, I know she was amazed at what I could do on mine, but she never wanted to get near it!