Thursday, June 30, 2005

A Fishing Net?

I wasnt going to put anything up here for a few days, but hey, I love this picture I found at Foxsports. Particularly because I was at a Nationals game last friday, which was a whole lot more fun than I expected. Great crowd and atmosphere, lots of foul balls in my direction. But alas....none quite close enough. I saw a girl get clocked with one after it hit the upper deck and fell down on her. Then there were the famous people that sat near me, not that I'm particularly fond of them, but James Carville and Tim Russert are big names around DC ( and MSNBC Meet The Press).

so the ball comes screaming toward us...and we all of course put our hands up and shriek (if youre a girl), or just put your hands up if your a guy...some people lose their popcorn...but then everybody wants to know who got the ball. not real sure why we all pay so close attention to this, considering we have no connection to them whatsoever, but then somebody lofts the ball up and the crowd cheers....maybe its more from the fact that we know theyre still alive and the ball didnt plant itself into their forehead permanently. Thats it.

so this picture....the guy opts not to go with the ball glove, and brings a fishing net? (for fun fishing net stories visit my friend Johns blog) I love the reactions...dudes are freakin out all around, one guy turns his that if it randomly headed in his direction all that meat back there would soften the blow I suppose. The kid nearby is in the middle of raising his hand for would only hope he was fast enough if it really counted...

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