Monday, May 15, 2006

Eventful weekend

We had a good weekend. Saturday Jenn and I wandered over into Virginia for a meal tasting at the place our wedding reception will be held...very good, we're happy. Now we can decide what food options there will be. We also talked to a flower person.

The interesting part was that we collided with both ends of the funeral that was held at McLean Bible Church for the cop that was killed last week in Fairfax. The story isnt online anymore, I dont think, but she was gunned down in the police station parking lot. Anyway, about 4,000 people attended the funeral, and we came across the procession as it was heading to the first part, in the morning. There was a line of cop cars all with lights on, that was miles long, and as 270 and 495 came together, they were all there, and all of us poor cars that werent told what was going on were left to figure out how to get to our proper exits and what not. It was a bit confusing. Jenn guessed it was a funeral. They all got off the first exit on the toll road.

Then, as we began to make our way back home at around 1:30 or so, route 28 was real backed up just past the toll road, and we hop on the toll road, to find that there are TONS of cars on the other side of the road pulled over, with people out just watching the road, even with cameras ready. As we continue every overpass contains a firetruck, ladders up, with firemen lined up standing in salute on top of their vehicles, and there are helicopters every mile. Seriously. We really didnt connect the mornings events to this, but then we started seeing policemen lining the side of the road as well, then we see people on our side of the road pulling over. Then we guess it must be the same thing. We turn the radio on for information. Then we came across the procession, 100's of motorcycle cops, and then cop cars, then the bulk of the funeral procession. The radio confirms what is going on, and I found out later that they were actually heading out to Warrenton, VA to lay her to rest.

It was almost like being in a scene from Independance day, or War of the Worlds, where everybody is stopping to get out of their cars to look at something, and you have no idea what it is, and you feel dumb because you dont know, but traffic is getting all weird and stuff. People were waiting for a while out there...and the procession was phenomenal.

Then, we got home and had a cook-out. I'll let Jenn tell you about that.

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