Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Disposal of the Biggest

I dont know why, but I am repeatedly called on to clash with nature head on around 5am a lot these days. This time....a wolf spider in the sink. Seriously, this boy was 3 inches wide. No joke (about the size of the one in the pic above, see the scale). Somebody left a pot with water that perhaps it enjoyed drinking from..I dont know. It was there, next to the pot in the sink. It was dark, you see, then I turned on the light and there it is. That will really wake you up.

I took a picture and a short video clip that would probably remind you of the Blair Witch Project (I was scared), and then I approached it armed with a pitcher of water, and I flushed it. I was not sure what it would do, but I overturned the pot on it, and then added my pitcher water to the mix, and down the drain it went. Then I turned on the disposal and hopefully took care of the problem. I dont know. I repeated this about 3 times with more water and more disposal action. I think its pretty nasty, but I didnt know what else to do.

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