Tuesday, March 21, 2006

the vastness

God created a world for us that is just SO HUGE, and so full of different things...its hard for me to know how to fit it all in. Its a good thing that its so big and variable, because obviously we are all different, and have different tastes. I guess you could say that he's allowed our different tastes to turn the world into what it is today..with so many resources available for us to use, or so many ways to apply our knowledge or interests. Here's a short list of what I really enjoy learning about, or doing. Its difficult to fit it all in though...(there is no order to this)

- learning about plants and gardening
- learning history (reading, watching documentaries, visiting places)
- Learning my own family heritage (part of history, for sure)
- capturing the world on film (photography)
- Learning how to Love more
- Learning about God more
- Spending time with those that I love
- Spending time with those that NEED love
- Discovering new music (new to me atleast)
- Seeing great music performed
- learning more about my job (how to build ships, what theyre made of)
- Reading for pleasure...more than just history
- Keeping in shape (in different ways)
- enjoying nature (hiking, camping...)
- Finding exciting restaurants I didnt know existed
- visiting exciting restaurants that arent too expensive
- Seeing the world I live in (traveling)
- keep in touch with important people that have been a big part of my life
- making Mix CDs for people...with my favorite music
- learn how to apply my money wisely
- learn how to be tactful in conversation (part of the love....)
- learn more about nature..(weather too)
- Learn how to cook more things, and better
- in the midst of all this...learning how to live a simple life with good balance

So......I probably missed something...but these are all desires that I have.....


amy said...

thats a pretty big list. maybe it would have been more efficient to list what you dont' like ;-) j/k

chris said...

I want to learn how to fly, sail and build a house.

That's all I need to know!