Monday, February 27, 2006


I'm hearing it already...people are sick of winter. You don't often hear that before Christmas...I guess people are looking for the next big thing (as usual), and sometimes change can be fun, or maybe theyre just plain cold. I for some reason never get tired of winter, I mean, I enjoy being able to put clothes on, layering (I have more options), and bundling up under my covers. Its about this time of year that I actually consistently remember to put my coat on, or my gloves, and I actually remember to make time to scrape the ice from my car in the morning. I'm also one that for some reason or another, doesnt always take change as easily as i could. I love mixing certain things up, but others are harder for me to deal with. Its sort of odd. So, I'm used to winter now, comfortable with it.

For the record Spring and Fall are my favorite times of the year. I dont generally get down in the winter though. I love snow, I dont mind the overcast days. I stare at winter's big pointy teeth and laugh. I should show you pictures of when I went to the top of a mountain in 20 degree weather and there was ice all over the trees. I didnt warm up for about 8 hours even after getting back in the heat. But...I loved it. I loved sleeping in a tent on the side of the road in West Virginia (about 20 yards off the road, so not so sketchy), and waking up with frost on my pillow. Seriously. Just make the most with whats in front of you, thats all. Ever notice how the night sky is clearer in the winter? Its either that or the stars are just better....I dont know. Anyway...enjoy it while it lasts, spring is soon.

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