Monday, January 23, 2006

an old poem

I love poetry...I haven't posted any for a while. This one may be a bit "meloncholy", if I understand the word right, perhaps not. Its from back in my days when my life was sort of skewed and I was trying to find my footing. Probably about 2 years ago or so. I post it because poetry is beautiful, but also....because I like to see how my thoughts have changed, and I have much more of a grasp on God's solid foundation now.

I was going to change the title, but....true to art, I have to include it as originally penned:

Can I Cry now?
A roadblock, or emptiness, which can it be?
Too many or too few of these feelings within me
The weight can be heavy and hard to grasp
I often feel like a warrior strapped to the mast
What more can be done, and what more said?
I've exhausted my thoughts on my prayer worn bed.
The emotions swirl but point me nowhere
Not too long ago I thought something was there
But where is there, if not some middle domain
Where minds just wander as people sort through the pain
It might be there, but not yet chosen
Not selected, or decided if it should be unfrozen
Perhaps left to stay unchanged, unneeded, unattached
Is where some see the spark best matched

There's definitely a lot in there....a lot reflecting some thoughts I was having about life in general....some of my more imaginative, figurative thoughts

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amy said...

ooohhh...good one. I think we all go through those seasons.

I was going through some of my poetry just last night and reflecting on the tone and how it changes with the season of life that I'm in or specific events I'm going through at that time.