Friday, September 16, 2005

creative cats

for the benefit of you all who didnt check out John's wonderfully uplifting fetish for cat photos in his recent comments, here's a bonus. this should be called, "lime cat" and "don't touch me". the 2nd one actually came with instructions next to it on how to clean a toilet: open lid, insert pet shampoo, insert cat, close lid, flush toilet, wait a minute, open lid, dodge cat as it rockets out of the toilet.

[this story was inspired by actual live cats. no people were harmed in the creation of this post]


amy said...

Starbucks was great! Definately lifted my mood :)

Cute cats...I feel like I've seen them before. R u gonna be around church/crossroads this weekend?

Brian said...

Yup, definitely church. not sure about crossroads though. check out our new music secion on the XR forum

amy said...


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