Wednesday, August 17, 2005

gift errors

if you ever go to MSN then you've probably seen these...its on the main site today. Here are some of the worst wedding presents (I picked my favorites):

"A 3-D painting of horses"
"A really ugly art piece involving a cow tooth"
"A ceramic fish statue"
"A hand-painted lucky horseshoe"
"A picture of a wine cork"
"A friend gave us a framed invitation to her own wedding, which happened about five months before"
"A cinnamon-scented stuffed dog"
"A re-gifted tray (with the original card to the re-gifter included with the present)"
"A $15 garage rack (we don't even have a garage!)"
"A bottle of vinegar vegetables"
"A mop"
"Dollar-store picture frame with price tag still attached"
"Febreze air freshener"
"Gift card that was empty"
"Mounted can opener with the UPC code removed (so the giver could get the rebate and we couldn't return it)"
"An IOU"

Makes me think of listing all those presents Ive got for birthdays, christmas, whatever that share a similar spot in my heart (the recycle bin part)...but that probably wouldnt be a good idea. I do think Ive been okay with the wedding presents Ive given.....since Ive pretty much stuck to people's registries...thats usually safe.

Some words to go away with...."It's the thought that counts" (even if it seems they weren't thinking)

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amy said...

I'll make sure I add those to my "what not to get" gift lists