Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I fought the good fight

Well, on my mind this morning is the wondrous piece of machinery called the iPod. I dont have one, no, that would go against what I've been trying to stand up against for the past however long its been since they came out: they're ridiculously expensive. But all my friends love them, and yesterday after breaking out some old punk music I remembered how nice it would be to have all of my music "at my fingertips", so I dont have to overlook old stuff. Old meaning it hasnt had much rotation in my CD player since I have newer stuff that I've been rocking out to. Not old in quality or value, no. This music I have to keep is timeless of course.

So now that I've got a nice tax refund and some roommates to help with monthly bills, I'm actually thinking about getting a picture iPod. I have 17 GB of music on my computer, but if I put all the discs on there it would probably be 40. I'm sorting through all the chaff trying to figure out if online reviewers actually know what theyre talking about while either despising or praising Apple for their iPod. I'll keep you posted.........

band of the day: Rolling Stones

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